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We are manufacturing various types of Crankshaft suitable for compressor, Marine Engine, Automobiles, Diesel Engine and Industrial Engine Etc..

We are manufacturing Crankshaft from 1 Kg. To 1500 Kg. Finish product. We are manufacturing Crankshaft in different materials like Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Close Die Forging And Open Forging S. G. Iron Steel.

» Crankshaft
» Air Conditioning Control
» Brass Product
» Compressor Oil Pumps
» Connecting Rods
» Cylinder Liner
» Refrigrant Gas
» Refrigeration Compressor Spares
» Air Compressor Spares
» Mechanical Shaft Seals
» Piston
» Reconditioning Refrigeration Compressor
» Valve Plate


Air Conditioning Control

Multi Capacity TEV Type EMC Series Expansion Valve To separeate port design A large port for pulldown loads & a smaller port to control holding loads Improves Supeheat control & provides higher enrgy efficiency


Brass Product


Application : These diaphragm type hand shut off valves are designed for installations in liquid, suction and hotgas lines of commercial refrigerating systems and on civil and industrial air-conditioning systems.


Compressor Oil Pumps

We provide an extensive range of oil pumps and gears, which are meant for different types of compressors having precision cut gears as per OEM's specifications. These are widely used for industrial purposes. Part components of oil pumps are also available as per customer requirements.