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We are manufacturing various types of Crankshaft suitable for compressor, Marine Engine, Automobiles, Diesel Engine and Industrial Engine Etc..

We are manufacturing Crankshaft from 1 Kg. To 1500 Kg. Finish product. We are manufacturing Crankshaft in different materials like Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Close Die Forging And Open Forging S. G. Iron Steel.


1) Crank shafts are available for both the type of compressor that is Air cooled & Water cooled unit.

2) Crank shaft for Air cooled compressors rotates on heavy duty ball Bearings which are hydraulic pressed with axial alignment. These Crank shaft are dynamic balanced for vibration free working of unit & properly drilled for mounting of centrifugal unloaders to release pressurised Air / Gas from Intercoolers during unload position.

3) Forged heavy duty Crank shafts are for water cooled heavy duty compressors. These crank shaft are machined and ground on Main Bearing Journal & crank pin Journal by maintaining diameteral tolerance and axial tolerance perfectly with main Bearing bushing & crank pin bushing. Also Internally perfectly drilled for oil path for proper lubrication & to maintain oil pressure.

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